What is This About

We’re Aviv and Eran, two London-based Israeli gamers who work in and around the tabletop gaming industry and enjoy various creative activities. Also, games!

What’s the webcomic about?
A group of friends are playing a tabletop role playing game, with all the cool, sometimes frustrating, sometimes surprising things that happen to you when you’re involved in such an activity.
Also, the world of Crystal Heart in which they play is wicked cool; everyone has stones instead of hearts and they can get super powers by replacing the stone with a Crystal. Yeah!

Didn’t you guys use to do mostly one-off jokes?
Yes, and you can read them all here. We moved to London a few years ago (and two years apart), and a lot of the webcomic’s humor comes from this culture clash. Several years ago in Israel, we used to have a popular webcomic called V Squared – it was hosted by a video game website called Vgames, so it’s a clever play on words – and for a while we’ve been wanting to re-ignite that flame, since we had a lot of fun creating a gaming webcomic. Thanks to a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign of Eran’s RPG podcast, we got the needed kick to, well, start, this new webcomic, this time in English.
…but also in Hebrew, here.

After two successful years of doing this, we’ve decided we want to try something new‎. So now, Crystal Heart!


Contact Us

Our email address for any enquiry is comics@uptofourplayers.com . Our personal emails are listed below.

We’re Elsewhere on the Interwebs

We have a GeekList on BoardGameGeek with all of the games we featured in strips.
We’re up on Board Game Links
We’ve been interviewed on: Geek On Radio, Geeks RetreatSecret Hitler

These guys occasionally translate strips for their websites:
Czech: Karel Hladis for
Portuguese: Renato J. Lopes for tabulaquadrada, Vivian for Flynns, and Carlyle for his store.
Taiwanese: Jia Pong Lin for 桌遊愛樂事 BoardGameLove
French: Sandy for Edge Entertainment
Polish: Artur Górecki, The Fellowship of the Board


Who Are We

These two guys, you know?


Aviv Or ([email protected])
art, writing, site design

I’ve been drawing comics ever since the 90’s animated X-Men series showed me a brand new world of superheroic, fantastic, tights-wearing action adventure. Well, at first it was less comics and more mangled doodles of flying humanoids, but with time (and with a copy of the magnificent How to Draw Comics The Marvel Way) doodles became characters, characters started posing in scenes, and scenes turned into stories.

I worked on several printed comics and a popular (aforementioned) Israeli webcomics, illustrated books, board and card games and online social games, and I’m currently working in Viber, illustrating some of those addictive stickers.

But all work and no play makes me cranky, so I try to find the time for personal projects as well, like

Find me on the web:


Eran Aviram ([email protected])
writing, some storyboarding, logistics

I prefer letting my gamer cred speak for me:

  • Hosts and produces “On the Shoulders of Dwarves“, the major RPG podcast in Hebrew, since 2013
  • Part of a rotating panel of hosts on Gamepod, one of Israel’s major video game podcasts
  • Translated or edited every major roleplaying book published in Israel since 2002, including D&D 3th and 4th ed., Pathfinder, Exalted, and Dungeon World (also, some board games)
  • Editor for City of Mist
  • Used to own and manage Tactica, a board game and RPG store in the middle of Tel Aviv, for two and a half years
  • Used to write for a major Israeli video game site Vgames.co.il, later became editor for several years
  • Previously the Venture Lieutenant of Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild for the London Area
  • Helped in organizing several major and minor RPG conventions, in several roles
  • Currently playing a 12th level Tiefling Paladin of Iomedae, chose the Leadership feat and doesn’t regret it

Find me on the web:


Tech Guys

Aviv Manoach is a marketing professional with 6 years of experience with both SMB and corporate clients, including work with some of the largest companies in Israel. Founder and editor of IceL.me, a gaming and technology website; publisher of roleplaying games. Find him here.

Evyatar Amitay is a front end / game developer and a Blizzard enthusiast. He is not a miniature hoarder, only plays one in a popular webcomic. Find him here.