Fifty point five, on average; ranging between 0 and “One hundred million!”. (That last one was given in words, so the average function didn’t recognize it. But it’s still there!). Also, two π-s, two “All of them”, and one in a stew.

This data is provided according to your estimation, as collected from the nearly one hundred responses we got for Nadav’s meticulous system for finding the perfect game (v0.2!), as featured in the post of last week’s strip.

With the crucial sheep issue out of the way, we can continue to less urgent matters.

How do you take your tea?
Seriously, apparently:

with boiling water, and a tea bag, placed carefully into a ceramic vessel;
earl grey, hot; (right away, captain)
Without a teabag in a glass with rum and coke; (dude, I like your style)
In the form of coffee, in a ceramic mug;
open the can of soda, then drink. wait;
In the skulls of my enemies;
Milk, honey, and a malachite glass; (that’s oddly specific)
with dim sum, obviously; (obviously)
cold in plastic; (I am sorry for your loss)
I don’t like tea;

Also, several dozen other glass, sugar, coffee, and more. Thank you for sharing!

How flexible are your toes?
On average, 2.797619048. Anyone who actually measured this in some way, I dare you to admit it in the comments.

Describe in four words or less your opinion on plate tectonics.
Sheesh, you guys have a lot of opinions.

moar plates less tectonicses; (ALL the tectronicsixes!)
They’re big, they move; (Truer words, etc)
bang crash super whizz;
Should be avoided;
they are awesomely huge;
good idea; (thanks, I’ll tell the geologists)
Verifiable; (so the geologists tell me, thanks!)
My opinion doesn’t fit; (I appreciate your honesty)
I dream of a reunited pangaea; (we all do, sister)
Reaffirming resolution of magnetics; (I’ll take what he had)
Like evolution to biology;
Good knowing you, California!
Absolutely massive turn-on; (and one of what he had, as well, please)
Plates > cups, tectonically; (also, IRL)
not this again; (so you did this survey before?)
Mountains are nice; (FUCK YEAH THEY ARE)
They’re the force that moves the world!; (four, dude, four)
They shape my world. (here, see?)

Also, several dozen other “they’re big”, “they rock” or just “what”. We hear you.

Please hum the first four notes of your favorite song.
The majority of you enjoy Mmmm-hmmm, mmm mmmhhmm!, while only five enjoy Wupwup phewwwwww. And one prefers the somewhat obscure “rrrrrr-röörörööö”, I’d love to hear the rest of it.

On a scale of 1 to 5, how proficient you are with a saw?
Average saw proficiency: 3. That’s troubling.

True or False
Let’s do some of them quick:

I play games inside houses. – Only TWO of you voted False.
Potato snack hatred – Only one third agree. I thought we had something going here, guys! Maybe that basic-human-empathy thing influenced the question.
D20 is the best die – Obviously.
I sometimes use cards to dislodge food – About a third of you utilize cards this way, out of which, about a half prefer the larger cards. Good for you!
Meeples are secretly planning to take over my country – Almost exactly half of you responded False, which means too many of you are dangerously delusional. I leave you to decide which half is the delusional one; but hurry up, the danger grows with each passing day!


Finally, some of you complained about getting the before unheard-of wargame, El Zorro Del Desierto, as their personal recommendation. I assure you, the system works perfectly. In fact, since “You’ve got El Zorro Del Desierto!” is simply the third page in the survey, all of you should have gotten it. So those of you who didn’t – keep trying!

It is, of course, an excellent game!
Maybe. I have no idea.