cast_NadavQuote: “Life is like Twilight Imperium – takes up all of your time, and it’s hard to find someone who’s willing to spend all of it with you.” (here are some more)
Probable profession: Works from home, something with editing words or graphics.
High Aspect: First, do not bore
Trouble: Longest Turn
Favourite game: Does not believe in hierarchies of fun.


cast_RotemQuote: “Yay!”
Probable profession: Something with fabrics.
High Aspect: It seems fun, should I try it?..
Trouble: Drawn to the shiny
Favourite fandom: The one where you can dress up in colourful ways. So, all of them

…is playing Muna

Highest Attribute: Spirit, for inner wisdom and willpower.
Main Skills: Shooting, Survival, Persuasion, Riding
Weapons: A wingspan, a Maseian longbow made from the bones of a bird, and a slash, an elegant scimitar-like sword.
Hindrances: Heroic. Or Pacifist. Or Cautious? She hasn’t decided yet!
Crystal: Good Fellow (lime colored, thin, almost hourglass shaped). It allows the Agent to sense emotions and read minds, but makes them easily distracted.


cast_GuyQuote: “If you say so. I’ll still do it this way.”
Probable profession: Making computers do new stuff.
High Aspect: Cooler than thou
Trouble: Cooler than thou
Favourite podcast: Has no reason to tell you. But it’s excellent.

…is playing Macintosh “Mac” Frachtenhauzer

Highest Attribute: Smarts, for quick thinking and mental agility.
Main Skills: Shooting, Repair, Notice, Driving
Weapons: A shotgun, and technically, also his all-terrain vehicle, The Tank.
Hindrances: Loyal, and a Vow to uphold Syn’s code.
Crystal: Survivor (bulky, deep blue). Several Syn Agents owe their lives to this Crystal, as it’s able to protect its owner from most types of harm, and keep them going in any condition. It also makes you so very, very cocky.


cast_LilyQuote: quiet stare
Probable profession: Something managerial, with several incompetent underlings.
High Aspect: Short woman, short temper
TroubleI am the trouble.
Favourite person in the world: Nadav. The rest can burn. Burn!

…is Playing Raffaela Arnoldii

Highest Attribute: Agility, for nimbleness, quickness and dexterity.
Main Skills: Throwing, Stealth, Climbing, Streetwise
Weapons: Throwing knives, custom made by Syn fabricators.
Hindrances: Small and Mean. Which is obvious and easy.
Crystal: Life Sense (pink-white elongated, thin sphere). It allows you to sense, and even affect life forces around you, but makes you giddy and cheerful – which will be strange and hard..

Supporting Non-Player Characters


Quote: “Shhh, sweetie – please don’t interrupt while I’m being praised.”

Profession: Excellent Syn Agent.

Better than: You.

Strips featuring her


Markos Frachtenhauzer

Quote: “You can’t order me around anymore, and don’t call me Moose!”

Profession: Revolutionary (in training).

Number of governments toppled: TBD



Captain Fabiola Olivia Frachtenhauzer

Title, continued: officer in chief of Rhyr’s Assembled Forces.

Profession: officer in chief of Rhyr’s Assembled Forces.

Officer of: Rhyr’s Assembled Forces, in the position of chief.




Quote: “Muna darling, your disposition is showing.”

Profession: Veteran Agent, supervisor for the Crashing Eagles.

Accessories: Over 9,000




Supporting Londoners

These guys hang around our main characters, and you can mostly see them in the strips from our first two years.



Quote: “Everyone should be playing better games all the time!”

Profession: Works in Merry Games, a local tabletop store.

Amount of zeal: Over 8,964

Strips featuring her




Quote: “I seem to recall having a kid.”

Profession: Owner of Merry Games.

Country that looks closest to hairstyle: Zambia

Strips featuring him




Quote: “As British as the Queen’s marmite crumpet!”

Profession: Solving problems for big companies.

Interest in hobby: Maximal

Experience in hobby: Minimal

Strips featuring him

Mrs. Studebaker


Quote: “Have a lovely evening, ho ho!”

Profession: Retired cri– erm, generally, just, retired

Number of cushions in house: the envy of many a sultan

Strips featuring her




Motto: They Who Watch the Watchers

Directive: To prevent spoiling that which must not be spoiled.

Meaning of acronym: [REDACTED] –It’s a spoiler!

Strips featuring them