Crystal Heart

Our current storyline! Join our players as they dive into a world where everyone’s hearts are made of stone, and special agents can replace their own hearts with Crystals that grant them unique powers, but also change their personality in unexpected ways.

Or you can read Crystal Heart chapter by chapter below. For a downloadable PDF, see our Store page!

Earlier Strips

The one-shot strips we used to post weekly during our first two years, mostly about board games (and gamers!), with our four main players: Nadav, Rotem, Lily and Guy.

Ready to Roll

These explanations will help you get into a new RPG ruleset! You can also hand them to the players at your convention game, or to your friends, to convince them to try a new system.

You are welcome to print these summaries for personal use. Please do not edit or change the summaries without first asking permission from us ( Please do not post these summaries as your own. We weren’t paid by these companies to create these explanations, we just like their games.

Useful for Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny and The Force Awakens.

Download the comic in PDF or read here

Useful for Fate Core and probably also Fate AcceleratedPay what you want for the rulebook (affiliate link)

Download the comic in PDF or read here

Useful for all editions of Savage WorldsBuy the rulebook here (affiliate link)

Download the comic in PDF or read here

Created for the Kickstarter The Spy Game – 5th Edition Action/Espionage Roleplaying Game

Download the comic in PDF or read here


In which the people behind Up to Four Players UNLEASH upon you a STORY told through DRAWINGS, set in the Victorian Era.

Read about it here or get it on DrivethruComics.