Crystal Heart: The Roleplaying Game

The world of Crystal Heart is available for play, using the Savage Worlds game!

The 216-page rulebook contains everything you need (except for the basic Savage Worlds rules themselves). You can order a physical book through the links below, or ask your Friendly Local Gaming Store to get some copies through Modiphius!

Start playing immediately with the free Starter Set, or read about the expansions and free downloads, on the Crystal Heart RPG page.

Buy a physical copy:

Crystal Heart - physical copy
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Buy as PDF:

Crystal Heart - PDF

Our Comics

The webcomic will always be free to read online, but hey, if you want to read it in PDF, you can buy pay-what-you-want copies on DriveThruComics.

One can find an additional PDF offering in the form of Singularity 1885, another comic of ours about which one may read here.


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