First, a disclaimer: Aviv isn’t really into Star Wars, and yet I’m still her friend, which should say a lot about my various positive qualities. 

Everyone has probably already seen the new trailer for Star Wars VII. I personally think it’s great. Only problem is, it falls right in the empty space of our release schedule! We can’t make a strip about something that happens on a Thursday – unless it’s well known in advance –  and by next week, no one remembers it happened.

So, while it’s still in the news, let’s try to have some fun with the new trailer by suggesting possible scripts for a strip:

1st panel [title on a black screen]: The Force is strong in my family.
2nd panel [Vader’s mask]: My father has it.
3rd panel [Luke and R2D2]: I have it.
4th panel [someone in a cape]: My sister has it.
5th panel: [a large woman sitting on a sofa, smiling motherly at us]: My aunt Fanny has it.
6th panel: [Again that woman, using the Force to move a tray of cookies]: She uses it to bake cookies and stuff. [Fanny’s text:] “Have some dear, don’t go fighting the Dark Side on an empty stomach. I’ve also Force-Knitted you a sweater, it’s so cold on Hoth this time of year!”

1st panel: we see that new stormtrooper guy heaving and breathing hard while sitting against something, like in the trailer.
2nd panel: we see him heaving and breathing hard while sitting at a coffee house, with a tiny coffee cup in his hand, and a lovely pink-red tablecloth/
3rd panel, we see him heaving and breathing and sweating while in the shower, and yes, with full body armor except for the helmet.

1st panel: we see Chewie and Han, and he says “Chewie, we’re home”.
2nd panel: we see that they’re actually looking at a nice cozy home, with a little sign “Chew’s and Han’s place, leave your shoes at the door” (Or in Hebrew, כאן גרים בכיף האן וצ’ואי)