Three things are happening today, and I’ll segue between them with a master’s skill. Also, with Aviv’s wondrous character art, she’s really good with that.


Speaking of Aviv, (amazing segue), it’s her birthday! An undisclosed number of years ago Aviv was born, entering a world that wasn’t prepared for her. To this day, we all pay the price. I’ve first met Aviv sometime around her final moments in high school (so, entering her military service. Israel!), in a comics-related incident. Thankfully, we’ve quickly hit it off in other fields, when I introduced her to gaming. It’s easy to think of Aviv as “the artist”, but there’s a whole person there, with, like, a gazillion awesome qualities, and I’m very glad she’s in my life. She really has only one major problem: she doesn’t get Star Wars.


Today is also Star Wars Day! My wife and I really enjoy Star Wars, although I can’t really say why, what’s the specific attribute that draws us back again and again. We’ve watched both Clone Wars and Rebels, and enjoyed both; played lots of The Old Republic MMO (the Agent storyline is the best); invested a few months in the Star Wars Card Game, etc. Lately, our friend Joe introduced us to Secret Cinema, a strange and exciting way to experience movies. It’s a whole performance, focused on a selected movie’s style and settings, but it’s so secret, you don’t even know where it is until a few days before the screening. Most of the time, you don’t even know which movie they’ll be playing. That last part is a bit too experimental for my taste, but the next Secret Cinema was announced in advanced – The Empire Strikes Back. Well, that’s right up my alley.

You can still buy tickets, but watch out, they’re pricey. And since we don’t really know what we’re getting (although we’ve got good reasons to believe it’ll have great production values, with lots of actors and stuff), it’s mostly for the adventurous.


But aren’t we all adventurous, deep, within our hearts?.. Whatever, there isn’t really a third topic, I just needed an excuse to post this awesome picture. That’s it for today!

All of these art pieces were taken from Aviv’s facebook page. Give her a birthday present and like it, or share one of her pictures you like best – it’ll make her smile!