Hey everyone! Remember how last week we tried talking? Well, talking is working for us! We’ll be talking some more!

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1:50 Aviv is being positive about Dishonored
Dark Souls is hard and punishing
Mass EffectBioshock InfiniteDivinity Original Sin
Witcher 2 and Witcher 3
Game/Show, Extra Credit, Jimquisition
Mark of the Ninja is mostly about being secretive

8:35 Eran is into campaign board games
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
Shadows of Brimestone
Imperial Assault finds your lack of expansions disturbing
Shadowrun Crossfire misses the point
The Force and Destiny Beginner Game is strong with this one.

14:40 Eran did touch some things
Please, Don’t Touch Anything
The Stanley Parable
Papers, Please

18:25 Comic Talk
Post Haste!

21:40 Indie Meetup
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Past-Future tense is problematic.


Aviv has something to add about the Indiemeet:
I spent most of my Saturday afternoon roleplaying hot guys making out, so yeah, I’d say it was a good first Indiemeet.

The first game we played was literally called “Hot Guys Making Out“, and while the title is not inaccurate, it is a bit misleading: I was expecting a very light-hearted, funny, slash-fanfiction-esque experience, but the setting and the atmosphere described in the game’s booklet lend themselves more towards a touching, emotion-heavy melodrama. The players around the table gave wonderful performances, though, and I believe we created what could be a very enticing pilot for a historical soap opera.

The second game was a much better candidate for the title “Hot Guys Making Out”. It’s called B x B, and lets you play three Japanese highschool boys who try to sweep the new kid in school off his feet, in a series of (often overly) creative dates. One player takes the role of Koichi, the new kid, and the others play three predefined characters: the rich model, the cool jock and the geeky teacher’s assistant. Each suitor takes Koichi on a date consisting of three activities, and it’s the other two’s job to try and mess up the date as much as possible. It’s fun, silly, and the stakes get progressively higher as each suitor learns from his predecessors how to best appeal to Koichi’s heart, but also gets more heat from the ones who’ve already had their chance and have nothing to lose. The last date in our game, for example, ended with a lovely horse-riding on the beach coming to an abrupt halt because two people jumped off a cliff.

Other games that were pitched at the beginning of the meetup sounded really interesting too (though perhaps not as steamy), and I absolutely plan to come again, both to try new Indie RPG systems and to play with new people. It was an excellent experience.

Thanks again, Richard, for the invite and the warm (or hot!) welcome.