Dragonmeet is a yearly London convention celebrating roleplaying games of every sort. Last year we had a blast (my vidcast about the con [Heb]), so this time I’ve decided to run a game myself. I’d like to get some inspiration from you, fabulous readers of this webcomics of mine.

Here are a few of the con games I’ve ran over the years, to give you an idea of what I’m looking for:

  • A Mass Effect adventure with Savage Worlds, based on this conversion.
  • A Paranoia adventure based on the Portal games. Now you are thinking like mortals (Heb).
  • Introductory games to D&D 5, Pathfinder and Edge of the Empire. Here I am, introducing, in the last Icon Festival in Tel Aviv.
  • “A Game for Filthy Rule-Lawyers”, in which we created the rules by nitpicking them as we went along. It went along marvelously!

I also ran various multi-table projects (like a 13th-Age tournament [Heb, but also lovely character sheets]) and story games, and hosted several workshops, but that’s not what I’m currently looking for. I wanna play in some interesting universe, probably with Savage Worlds or semi-freeform EotE. Suggest away!