Two Players and Up is a short podcast in which Eran and Aviv provide some insights into the making of the strip, recommend various geeky stuff, and try to stay positive in light of the existential crisis that surrounds us all.
The intro and outro are taken from “Vivacity” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 (

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00:55 what the hell just happened

1:30 Last Week’s Strip
The Player Out of Turn Order
V Squared (Hebrew)

4:40 Ad for Leisure Games
The magazine’s name is Spielbox, and not Spiel like we said.


6:00 Eran’s Working on Little Wizards
Little Wizards is actually suitable for ages 6-10, not 8-12 like I said.
French-speaking listeners – can you use just the word “better” in the middle of a sentence? Like, “Adam is rolling to see if he can convince the merchant, so he’ll be rolling his Heart, with a score of Better (+1)”. How do you say good, better and best in French?

12:00 Aviv Really Hates an NPC
Here’s the recordings of our semi-weekly Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay group, plus our marvellous weekly questions. (in Hebrew). Or straight in a YouTube playlist.