Two Players and Up is a short podcast in which Eran and Aviv provide some insights into the making of the strip, recommend various geeky stuff, and pray for Nurgle to rid us from the disease of mortality.
The intro and outro are taken from “Vivacity” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 (

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00:30 Last Week’s Strips
Batman vs Superman
Getting into Character

5:40 V Squared Strips of Old
Facebook album. Also on Google Photos, if you’re not on FB.

7:00 A new RPG article
Combat arenas from Lord of the Rings movies.

8:30 Secret Hitler
Our Secret Hitler review. Follow @SecretHitler for all your fascists news!
Here’s Maya’s summary of the interview, on the Kickstarter backer update stream.

10:00 Nord Kills Skyrim
Right over here!
Some mods I’m using.

12:00 Discussing Let’s Play as a Form of Entertianemnt
I enjoy following Day[9] – I learn a lot from his Hearthstone plays, and also, he’s an interesting and kind person. Here and there I also like watching Far Land or Bust.
Dragon Age – The Darkest Timeline. Look for it, 2017! Unless we get back to our senses before that.

15:30 Passover Conventions
Eran in Bigor (talked about it last week) On the Shoulders of Dwarves podcast live recording – 24/4, 10:00.
Aviv in Olamot, Fan Creations Panel – 26/4, 12:00.
Leigh Lahav’s YouTube channel.

19:30 Finishing Rant