Two Players and Up is a short podcast in which Eran and Aviv provide some insights into the making of the strip, recommend various geeky stuff, and take ages to decide which sandwich we want.
The intro and outro are taken from “Vivacity” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 (

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00:00 Welcome New Listeners!
Last week’s strips were Breaking the Code and Deconstruction. They proved to be popular with the internet.

3:55 New Followers are Mostly Looking Forward

5:40 How Not to Play Runebound
I’m trying this new thing. Tell us what you think?

I’m not used to scripted work, and Lightworks is all funny-like, but it’s free and it’s the best I’ve got (Hitfilm takes ages to scroll the timeline).
Comments will help us a lot: Was it funny? Is my presentation or narration annoying? Was it amazing and should I consider an acting career? Should we do another game?

10:45 Content Creator and Consumer
Wait until at least 24 hours have passed since posting the thingy. Only then you have sort-of enough data.
Liking and sharing are crucial to content creators – not to pat the ego, but to increase exposure. Please consider this not just with us, but with any other online content you regularly consume.
Day9, check him out. I watch his Hearthstone plays daily.

16:45 Aviv Went to Dr. Sketchy
Of which we talked last week.

17:45 Aviv Went to see Aladdin
And it was a whole new same-world, but with a new fantastic point of view!