Here’s the full description Lily gave, translated from the art of this week’s page. (We gave a similar peak before)

Zoom in on us in the Syn castle. We’re all training, in some training room. There’s all sorts of gym equipment around. I’m obviously the best – you’re both engaged in whatever it is you need to practice in, but I’m really putting an effort.

(I’m fencing!)

(Shh, let her speak.)

So I turn to Muna and I’m like “Hey I really need a drink”, and I’m sweating and everything, I was training so hard. So Muna is obviously going “Sure Raf, take a break!” But I’m actually going all sneaky like.


Moving through the corridors of the castle. It’s super-high-tech, but old at the same time. Old stone foundations, all sorts of techno-steel walls, with wood here and there to help support the old structure. It’s unclear how this thing even came to be, to say nothing of how it flies.

(Wait, are you going to jump off??)


(I donno, why else would she mention the castle flies?)

Because it’s cool, and no, I’m not jumping off. I’m sneaking between corridors, toward the parts of the castle where we aren’t allowed.


Trainee Agents only get to see a small part of the complex. Even full fledged Agents don’t have access to everything. I need to sneak past a few people, but I’m good at it. There’s like this dude in a wheelchair, a Syn Agent back from the field, and he’s missing a leg! And there’s this couple of serious-looking older Agents, probably people I’m supposed to have heard about.

(Aidaweh and Ziard!)

(…yeah, okay)

I make my way toward the Situation Room. It’s this big, mostly high-tech room, where they keep the Crystal Database, on this holographic computer.

(I think you mean holographic display.)

No no, this is a holographic computer.


I start navigating through the menus, hacking a bit here and there – I’m no computer expert, but I got the passwords by searching the room or stealing them from the admin personal, or something like that. I mean, I’ve been planning this little visit for weeks.


(But why? What’s so important?)

There’s this one Crystal I’m looking for. This one person, who holds it. Dominion, purple and knife-like in appearance. Arman Boyanov. A Bogovian name. HMMMMMM. I don’t write anything down – no need, I’ll remember it. Oh yes. OH YES.

(Who is this man! What is going on!)

(I don’t know!)

Satisfied, I quickly make my way back to the gym. Hey Muna, yeah, I just had a drink. A drink of desire!

(Dramatic squirrel!)