Greetings and welcome to our final chapter!

It could be the case that some of you still have a few open questions. Our players have some as well. Some of these questions will be answered in the comics, some will be answered in Original Syn, the sourcebook PDF I’ll be writing once all of this is done, and some have been deemed whatever and won’t be answered at all unless I’m asked about it directly (in our Discord).

I don’t think it’s especially crucial to answer every question – first, because ambiguity maintains a sense of mystery, and second, because this story is a complex fictional construct and therefore not every question has an answer. It could just be that we’ve created something that doesn’t mix well with something else, or that a specific fictional fact has consequences we haven’t considered. Creators are fallible, and only a rare few open questions are truly plot holes that have to be answered in order to achieve a dramatically satisfying conclusion.

Anyway how was your April-May? Also, we’re reactivating our Patreon after the hiatus, so please remove yourself if you so desire before we charge you, or, add yourself if you think we deserve a monetary compensation and you’re able and willing to provide one. Also available as an option: Buying the RPG!

Also, any Continuum RPG fans in the audience? No? Excuse me, what time is it? No? Am I the only Spanner around? Anything? Never mind, I should stop fragging myself