Two Players and Up is a short podcast in which Eran and Aviv provide some insights into the making of the strip, recommend various geeky stuff, and say goodbye for now.
The intro and outro are taken from “Vivacity” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 (

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Final episode for 2016! Maybe forever? Depends: What is it that you enjoy about this podcast? Please give us one reason you’re listening to it, to help us decide if we should continue doing it.

2:20 Patreon Thank you
Every podcast episode we sing praise to our patrons, using their names. In this one: Carl, Jaime, Walter, Daniel.
The thank-you’s playlist.

5:20 Mulligans
The strip. Again, special thank you to Jo Carter, Actualol Videos, and James Graham of the London Indie RPG Meetup group.
The Steam Engine, come visit! It’s close to Dark Sphere.

10:15 Rogue One
The strip.

12:40 Eran’s Last Chance to Talk About PACG
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Wrath of the Righteous.

16:00 Cheese is Awesome

17:00 Aviv’s and Ev’s Christmas Party
Aviv explains the tradition of Christmas crackers.