(Further information: Magic the gathering, football hooligans)

About a fifth of the slang in the strip was made-up by me, see if you can recognize it! And yes, it means everything else is actual slang. Special thank you to Jo Carter, Actualol Videos, and James Graham of the London Indie RPG Meetup group, for helping make sure none of these slang words are… too much.

This strip has been in the making since the conception stages of the webcomics, when we first sat down and did some brainstorming about “geeky, gaming things, and also the UK or London or something – will that work”. It went through several iterations, of which we’ll talk about on next week’s podcast, and I feel quite accomplished that we managed to finally make it, merely weeks before we switch to a new direction.

More about this new direction, switching to a serialised story, in today’s podcast (starting 17:40, about 4 minutes).

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