“They say that a person’s heart is made from their dreams and desires” – proverb of the Five Lands
They say there’s a 2-for-1 deal every Tuesday, so that’s our new weekly gaming night” – common sense

So everyone, how about you introduce your characters for the new campaign ? Let’s start with Rotem.

– Yay! Muna is–

– Really? Muna?

– Yes, it means “overflowing spring” in Hopi.

– *groan*

– So my character is Muna, a tribal princess with a pure heart and high ideals. She’s a child of the wilderness, who’s just as comfortable at the halls of Fjordstad’s nobility!


What about you, Guy?

– Call me Mac, but please, only call me if something’s broken. I’m the mechanic and driver of our crew, and our Huntermobile is–

– Nope, I call veto.

– It’s an all-terrain vehicle, and we are Crystal Hunters, so it’s only–

– Noooooope

– Anyway, I’ve already prepared my character all the way up to Veteran, and I’m telling you guys, we’re going to be prepared for ANY trap, or monster, or whatever hazard or danger these ancient ruins can throw at us.


…We’ll see about that. Lily, you had a lot to say about the others – what about your own character?

– Raffaela was an urchin, a menace in the alleys of the biggest city in murky Bogovia. She was the head of the gang, before HE came and killed us all. So we killed him. How could one person do so much damage? He was a Crystal Hunter, an agent of Syn. Well, if that’s what it takes. I must gain more power. I must get THE PERFECT CRYSTAL.

– And you’re so cute!


– Look, I made you a sweater.


Excellent! And how do you guys look?

– Well…