Eran: They say the beginning is always the hardest, but I think writing about it is much harder. I’ve been writing stuff for a living for 10 years now, and let me tell you, the first paragraph is always the hardest. You usually do it only after you’ve finished everything else – that way, you know what the beginning is actually about, the beginning of what it is. Unfortunately, when you start an open-ended webcomics series, half character-based and half news-based, you can’t really know how it’ll end. I mean, you can guess – an apocalyptic hellfire storm that will reduce human civilization to rubble – but it’s not much to work with.

So you get all meta and write a beginning about beginnings, and totally weasel out of any serious discussion, letting your creative partner carry the rest of the post. Go for it Aviv!


Aviv: Well I sure as hell don’t know what to write about beginnings. They say you should make a good first impression, so I tried to make this first-ever-Up-to-4-Players strip as visually appealing as possible. Look at that extreme bird’s eye view in the last panel -that’s some hardcore comicsing right there!

But really, looking at some of my favourite webcomics, it seems like the beginning isn’t really that significant. Everything has to start; what’s important is how you continue.