Muna is the daughter of an important chieftain from Maseia, the Land of endless plains and floating mountains. She’s a tribal princess with a pure heart, high ideals, and a crippling lack of self confidence. She decided to join Syn in an attempt to become a leader and a generally more capable person, even if it means replacing her own heart with a Crystal, or, even worse, doing so without permission from her parents.

Highest Attribute: Spirit, for inner wisdom and willpower.

Main Skills: Shooting, Survival, Persuasion, Riding

Weapons: A wingspan, a Maseian longbow made from the bones of a bird, and a slash, an elegant scimitar-like sword.

Hindrances: Heroic. Or Pacifist. Or Cautious? She hasn’t decided yet!

Crystal: Good Fellow (lime colored, thin, almost hourglass shaped). It allows the Agent to sense emotions and read minds, but makes them easily distracted.

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