Macintosh “Mac” Frachtenhauzer was in many ways a regular Fjordstad resident working as an engineer, a respected job in the Land of ice and storms. As a loyal citizen of one of the Eleven City States, he was against all intervention by the outsiders from Syn – until a fatal crack was discovered in his heart. His city rejected him, but Syn welcomed him with open arms, and thanks to the Harness, he now has a Crystal instead of his faulty heart. Mac is still a loyal, capable mechanic – but now, as an Agent in the service of Syn.

Highest Attribute: Smarts, for quick thinking and mental agility.

Main Skills: Shooting, Repair, Notice, Driving

Weapons: A shotgun, and technically, also his all-terrain vehicle, The Tank.

Hindrances: Loyal, and a Vow to uphold Syn’s code.

Crystal: Survivor (bulky, deep blue). Several Syn Agents owe their lives to this Crystal, as it’s able to protect its owner from most types of harm, and keep them going in any condition. It also makes you so very, very cocky.

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