Raffaela seems too young for how bitter and skillful she is, but that’s just life as a street urchin in Bogovia, the Land of dark forests and bleak swamps. One day she discovered a Crystal in the catacombs beneath the town, and dared to hope life will finally change for her and her gang – and it certainly did, when a Syn Agent arrived to take it away from them. She was so amazed by his strength that she later joined Syn to become an Agent herself, in search of a Crystal that will give her True Power.

Highest Attribute: Agility, for nimbleness, quickness and dexterity.

Main Skills: Throwing, Stealth, Climbing, Streetwise

Weapons: Throwing knives, custom made by Syn fabricators.

Hindrances: Small and Mean. Which is obvious and easy.

Crystal: Life Sense (pink-white elongated, thin sphere). It allows you to sense, and even affect life forces around you, but makes you giddy and cheerful – which will be strange and hard..

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