Boy, those last two years were a ride! I still remember our meeting at the end of 2014, sitting in a strange Turkish restaurant in north London and trying to come up with funny ideas for a tabletop/London/expats-related webcomic. Our idea list still has a few leftovers from way back then; we’ve mentioned recently on the podcast that the football strip originated about as early as that, and you don’t want to know about the ideas that didn’t make the cut. Some of them involve giant ant, and the heat death of the universe.

We’ve established four main characters since then, who started out pretty much based on us four Israeli-come-Londoner gamers, but evolved to beings on their own right, with traits and quirks that might or might not be rooted in reality. And we’ve added a cast of supporting characters from which I honestly can’t choose my favourite (it’s probably not the art student though).

We’re saying a temporary good-bye to many of these characters, but happily our main four are coming back right after the break for a brand new adventure – for them and for us. I’ve already started designing their player characters for the epic campaign Nadav has in store, and I’m REALLY excited about it. I hope you will be too.

As we mentioned before, we’re taking January off to jump-start this new direction and get some rest from two years of weekly updates, but we’ll drop by with tidbits and teasers, so keep an eye out on our Patreon page, or various social media channels.

Until then, enjoy New Year’s, have a great start to 2017, and keep playing!

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