We have a special Boxing Day treat for you! We’ve teamed up with Rachel Kremer from Semi Co-op, a fellow boardgame-related webcomic we follow and enjoy, and did a guest-comic trade, like all the cool kids do! We each took a shot at a “behind the scenes” strip for the other’s comic, and it was great fun. Here’s Rachel to tell you a bit about her work, and you can check out our part of the trade at her website, Semi Co-op.

Hi there, dear Up to Four Players readers! Yes, you are correct, you are not looking at Aviv’s glorious artwork. You are looking at a Up to Four Players comic made by Semi Co-op! Who? What? Hi, my name is Rachel and I’m the webcomic artist of Semi Co-op, a weekly webcomic about board games. It’s based on board game experiences of me, my husband and our cats. If you’re interested and/or like the comic above, you can find us on www.semicoop.com. BONUS: today’s comic is made by Aviv and Eran so you definitely check our website today because the comic they made for us is teh Beez Neez. We love it.

So we had the amazing cool task to think up a comic for you, the U4P audience. Quite a challenge! An excellent webcomic about life, board games and role playing games. On top of that Up to Four Players is changing course next year and they will step away from the ‘one-shot’ comics. No pressure to be one of the last published before this big change, no pressure at all…
We love the characters they’ve created and wanted all of the main characters to be in this comic. Oh, and the Ostrich. It had to be in it. It’s a comic about having the feeling of not being in control of your own life and coming to the dreadful realisation that actually you might not be. Giant ostriches are in control! That explains all the things that are happening in the world right now. 😉

We loved the experience of this comic exchange and that we got to introduce our audiences to each other’s webcomic in this way. We’re excited about Up to Four Player’s future plans and will definitely keep checking them out. Eran and Aviv, thanks again for this, it was great fun.

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