As a person who only got exposed to this whole Santa business well into my teens, let me tell you – it sounds weird, bordering on creepy, with bits of “what the hell.” But who am I to tell you how to raise your kids, who am I to stand in the way offff TRADITION! Tradition!



Here are some random Hebrew letters, to go along with that song: בהסךלחהא. I just banged on my keyboard several times, and this is the result.

Today’s strip is the last SHHH one for quite some time. Coming 2017, we’re switching to a different format, focusing on an ongoing story with our main four players, with only the occasional diversion. There’s no room for SHHH in this shining new world. What will they be doing? What is happening to SHHH behind the scenes? We know, but we won’t tell.

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