You wouldn’t believe what we had to do to convert this strip to Hebrew. And since most of you can’t read it, and you can’t put a picture through Google Translate, I’m free to tell you whatever the hell I want, and you have no option but to completely believe my every word.

So! First I took a nice, still-has-that-factory-shine schleem, and pressed it tightly into the dinglepop. Where was the dinglepop at the time? I didn’t ask. But later on it went through the grumbo, as is expected, and according to ancient traditions. I’ve brought some fleeb and prepared it beforehand, making sure it keeps allllll the juices. Then Aviv helped me to rub the schleem, but we had to use some chumbles that intended to keep for later. Finally, we hoisted the ploobus and gromble with an upward motion, and tada!


Today we’ve also summed up our Dragonmeet visit, with loads of shout outs to various fans and companies, and a few things about our strips from last week, and even a bit of personal news in the end.

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