I’ve started running Crystal Heart games at conventions. It’s a thing now. Get used to it.

In an effort to make my players’ lives easier, and as a basis for a future version (as part of a future setting book) Aviv and I created this character sheet.

I really enjoy designing character sheets – I’ve done about 5-6 in Hebrew, for different companies and projects – and this time I took inspiration from the famed Training Wheels¬†sheet, as well as the one we’re using to keep track of our 3 protagonists. You’ll note that unlike the Training Wheels one, there are no actual training wheels, which was a tough decision to make (I really like designing things that are super-helpful) but I preferred first having a solid basis to re-work later. I would also like to see a more colorful and stylish version of the sheet, in the far future.

Design-wise, we tried to make sure your eyes go where you’ll expect everything to be. For example, everything you roll is to the left, while everything people roll against you is to the top-right. You’ll note that everything Crystal related is in its own part of the sheet – to the far right. That’s because you’re able to, and should, cut it and replace it as needed, with other Crystals.

Generally speaking, it worked well (except for the “mod” line to the right of the Crystal sub-sheet, it interrupted the flow of the power’s text).

What do you think? Got any suggestion? Feel free to leave a comment.