The weekly question in action!

A weekly question goes like this: After the session ends, one of the players comes up with a question that reflects something that happened in the session, and emails it to everyone. They all answer it during the week, and at the start of their next session, talk a bit about it.

Here’s the first question Nadav sent the party and their responses.

The Agents of Syn are (usually) a sight to behold – strangers from far away lands, who wield awesome powers and amazing technology. What was your first encounter with an Agent like? It doesn’t have to be connected to your decision to later become an Agent, but it probably helped set a specific stereotype in your mind. Was this stereotype later enforced, or dismissed, and why?


Guy’s answer

Most Agents who arrive at a Fjordstadian city, do so under some cover, usually meeting only higher-ups in secret meetings. We all know it’s happening, even though we don’t like it. They’re all bastards who hoard impressive technology years beyond our own, doing various nefarious things around the world. We have enough problems with our own secret spies and saboteurs, we don’t need outsiders sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong.

My first encounter with an Agent came from an unexpected angle. The Frachtenhauzer family is a pretty big deal in Rhyr, the city I came from. Our name means something. Which is why we were all shocked when my second cousin Hecate appeared on our doorstep one day, after being gone for years, as an Agent of Syn. It came out of nowhere! We were all quite angry and bitter about it, trying to keep her hidden inside the mansion. I tried to avoid any sort of interaction with her, but she kept bumping into me, until she finally revealed to me, confidently, the reason she came back at all.

She knew about my failing heart – I have no idea how, since it was a huge secret that we kept to ourselves – and she also knew no-one in Rhyr would help me. She wanted to offer Syn’s help, instead. I wanted nothing to do with Syn… But this was still old, familiar Hecate, who took a huge risk in coming back, just for me. How can such a person be an evil Agent? Unless, perhaps, they’re not evil? I still turned her away, and it took me several more years until I finally saw the light and joined Syn.


Rotem’s answer

It was a lovely afternoon in the Yaka trading post, and I was with my father on a business trip. I was six, so I barely remember why we were there, but papa was already training me to become the next chieftain, taking me on every trip, showing me everything I needed to see. The thing I remember most from this trip, however, was the Agent we met.

He was one of the very first, the name Syn still didn’t mean anything to us. During the meeting with him, I was crying because of something or other, and I can only remember how he made a flower grow from the ground with his touch, and gave it to me. I was completely enchanted. I couldn’t get enough of him for the next two days while we stayed in the trading post, and I could see how he seemed to know everyone, and have excellent relationships with all of them. He seemed so… charismatic. Years later, when I was asked who my role model is as a leader, I answered papa – but I was really thinking about this Agent, whose name I didn’t even know.


Lily’s answer

When the Agent came, he appeared out of nowhere. My watchers didn’t even see him. My friends couldn’t stop him. We tried to run, but he was too good. We had a Crystal, he wanted that Crystal, and that was that. That’s all I needed to know. Agents take what they need – I can get that, I lived like that. They also don’t mind killing whoever is in their way. That I couldn’t get. Yet. I joined Syn as fast as I could – apparently there was still a lot for me to learn.