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Exemplars of Syn

Ever since its creation about 30 years ago, Syn has been training Agents in the fine art of “being an adventurous sort”. While the theoretical aspect of this training has been refined to perfection – giving them all they need to know while still keeping all information about [REDACTED] out of their curious minds – the practical aspect of the training still requires some tweaking, as only two thirds of the Agents make it past the first year in the field.

It isn’t surprising, then, that the 40 or so Novice and Seasoned Agents currently in Syn’s roster tend to idolise the Veteran and practically worship the Heroic Agents, who have managed to not only survive, but thrive.

The Agents presented in this document are two of the only twelve Heroic. Almost all twelve are well-known to Novice Agents, who see them as paragons of Agent-iness.

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