Coming to DriveThruRPG and maybe even some retail stores, this summer*! 

The setting book will be printed in softcover “graphic novel” format (6.625 by 10.125 inches; 17 cm x 26 cm), with 216 pages in full colour, and tons of new art by Aviv.

The book includes: 

  • Rules for using and misusing Crystals
  • A few dozen Crystals for your characters to start with
  • A few dozen Crystals for your players to find, including their feral manifestations – the strange effects surrounding uncontrolled Crystals
  • Guidelines for using and creating Crystals
  • Everything you need to know about Syn (and a few of the things you shouldn’t know)
  • Everything you need to know about the world of Crystal Heart and each of the Five Lands in order to have fun adventures in them
  • A full Plot Point campaign spanning 8 adventures
  • Lots of adversaries worthy of your antagonism, whether human, animal or Crystal-tainted 
  • And all the Edges, Hindrances, weapons and setting rules you need in order to get the coolest Crystal Heart experience possible. 
Crystal Heart Book Cover

Get a taste of the full game by playing Crystal Heart right now! The free Starter Set includes the rules for using Crystals, six ready-to-play Agents, and a one-shot adventure.

Download the Starter Set