We’re taking next week off, and in the meantime let’s take a look at Nadav‘s weekly schedule. An alarming number of these events are based on my actual schedule; and a surprising number of these are portrayed accurately. Here are some of them:

DrivethruRPG (affiliate link) is the internet’s “Largest RPG Download Store”, but they also have a great Print on Demand service.

BGG is short for Boardgamegeek, the biggest community and database for boardgames, with a lot of attention to RPGs as well. Incidentally, we just created a GeekList for games featured on our strips.

Steam we all know, I’m guessing.

The London D&D Meetup Group has a lot of excited gamers, many of them meeting in local London pubs several times a week.

The One Shot Podcast is a weekly bite of funny, interesting, and/or energetic role playing, and we recommended them several times before.

The Indie RPG Meetup is another Meetup group, this one dedicated to indie RPGs and story games, “that encourage everyone at the table to participate creatively”. They are a great bunch, very welcoming to newcomers.

The Finchley Games Club really do meet every Thursday evening, if you’re around you should go! Hell, I should go sometime.

Star Control 2 is the best thing ever created, probably.

Critical Role is one of the best “watch people play RPGs” shows around, but I don’t really wake up at the middle of the night to watch them (they’re US based), so it’s a good thing they have a Youtube playlist.

I do play a weekly game at 6:00 am most Saturdays, after which I run a weekly game at around 10:00, both through Roll20.

London on Board is another meetup, this one dedicated to board games – they’re a good bunch.

I do play Pathfinder Adventure Card Game on most Sundays with a regular group, at Merry– that is, Leisure Games.

And I do run run a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (3rd ed) on many Sundays, to us Players, around Waterloo. If you understand Hebrew, you can watch us here.


Although we take a week off, we haven’t forgotten Gen Con, so we’ll upload a new life lesson to our Facebook album, one every day until Thursday, continuing last year’s run. Have a fun con!

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