A few years ago I had to make the conscious decision not to get into miniature gaming. As we all know, games are awesome, so it stands to reason miniature games are awesome as well, and, indeed, whenever I get the chance to witness their full glory, I’m mesmerized by the beauty of moving gigantic armies, building and planning, thinking in large scale, over hours and hours. I even like the painting aspect of the hobby. However, since I’m mostly human, I suffer from the same two deficiencies as the rest of us – I lack all the time and money in the world. I only have some.

Miniature gaming, as a hobby, requires quite a lot of time and money – and those would come at the expense of investing myself further in RPGs (mostly) and board games. Since I prefer being better at a small number of things rather than being kinda good at a large number of things, I had to resist the lure of miniatures, which is unfortunate, but necessary.

That being said, the settings of Warhammer Fantasy and 40K are absolutely favs of mine – I love them both, and a few years ago I’ve played a ton of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition, an excellent game that everyone should try. (Or its newer incarnation, the Star Wars RPGs.)

A note about the strip: We only upload one strip a week, which makes it hard to tell an ongoing story; we want to give a good punch, but we also want to move things along, and usually these goals compete, requiring different types of strips: you use a few to introduce a situation, and build up to a punchline in a later strip.

As a once-weekly webcomic we don’t really have this luxury, because even a short 4-strips story takes a full month from the beginning of a situation to its end, and that’s a lot. So we try to keep a delicate balance of introducing just the right amount of new story information in one strip, while still keeping it funny.

So, to be clear, Rotem is still looking for a new game – which is why she and Guy are participating in this game day at Merry Games.