We’ve mentioned before our appreciation for Mansions of Madness, and as we sat down to decide how to make a strip based on the game, we’ve decided to go with the biggest problem we faced: our own stupidity. The game’s great, no problem with the whole app thing, just, you know, if you use an app for four hours straight, how about keeping the tablet charged during this entire time. Something to consider for next time.

You might recognize a reflection of a sort of our X-COM strip; we took some inspiration from it.

In other news, today’s my birthday (WOO! WOO!), and if that fact makes you want to perhaps congratulate me, thanks! Also, if you’d like to give me something nice, and/or you like our comics but don’t see yourselves joining the Patreon, and/or just want to help a small games publisher, please consider this:

Starting yesterday you can get my new Three Suggestions series of PDFs from DriveThruRPG.com – small bundles of (hopefully) interesting and RP-provoking ideas. Please consider buying one today, not only because they’re nice, and not only because I’ll be getting some money out of it, but also because if a lot of people buy these at the same day then they’ll jump up the list of “What’s Hot” on DriveThru, thus increasing their exposure and reaching a much wider audience. And that would be a fantastic birthday gift, I can tell you that.

All of the items in this series are intended for use with any RPG, but I’ve add some system-specific info to each of them. The D&D 5e things can be found here, Dungeon World things are here.

And if you decide not to buy them, shares and likes are very useful and always appreciated as well. Thank you!

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