The Tabletopia kickstarter is still going, if you’re interested. Since it’s already funded, and since there are several alternatives already, I didn’t pledge, and instead will wait for the final product.

Anyway, I, for one, welcome our new digital overlords; roleplaying games are experiencing the same revolution these days. Online gaming can’t, and shouldn’t, replace real-life tabletop gaming, but it’s an excellent tool for when you can’t play the “normal” way. (For example, if your group of friends is spread around half the world, and you all want to keep in touch and play the Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path.)

As for Cards Against Humanity – it was called “Lego for jokes” by Paul of Shut Up and Sit Down, and that’s basically it, only it also gets really obscene. Generally speaking, I find it funny, but I don’t actually play it, nor would I recommend it for others; Paul’s bottom line, about how the game is basically a kinda boring party game, resonates with me. I also find the “ha ha, [bleep] in the [bleep]” humor somewhat base – it can be funny, oh yes, but it’s not exactly the height of human achievement, and I do prefer my humor somewhat more sophisticated.