To: All personnel


It has come to my attention that many of you resent our new Predictions Operations Room. Some have said that the money invested in the huge new monitors is wasteful, seeing how they’re only going to keep on showing the exact same graph forever and ever; same agents have also remarked this money could have been invested instead in your low, low salaries.

However, most complaints refer to the in-built irony in a spoiler-prevention agency that’s trying to predict what’s going to happen. This is a valid concern, which is why I’ve decided to form a new division, to keep track of the amount of intel distributed to all other divisions. Currently under the codename S.H.H.H.H, this new division will make sure that the knowledge required to prevent unintended distribution of spoilers, will be not be unintendedly distributed.

Carry on,

S.H. – Head of Operations