This strip actually ignores the one last thing one needs to do before one can enjoy said pizza – carefully testing all pizza places listed in your local takeout website, to find the right pizza.

Moving to the UK from Israel can be even more of a hassle than noted here (and yes, the bank-address cycle is a real thing), but fortunately, it’s not hard to find good advice on the internet. More importantly, our network of friends came to our help, and so Dassi and I met with a couple of local Israelis who went through the same process a few months before us (Hey Danielle and Idan!). They even wrote an excellent blog (Hebrew) about it, a recommended reading for anyone who’s wondering exactly how to move from Israel to London.

Later on, Aviv and Evyatar moved here as well, and again Danielle and Idan came to their help (And us as well! We’re veterans as well now!!). Eventually this joyful meeting led to a somewhat-known piece of geeky mastery, Geeky Road. Aviv wrote all about it, here.


Geeky Road