Nadav is using an excellent technique that Uri and I discussed at length back in our first episode of the podcast: Ask the players to each add something to the scene.

There are several benefits to this, even if you only use this technique in its “lowest setting”, in which the added detail is at most superficial and in the background. First, it makes the scene more interesting, at least potentially (since there are now more moving parts around). Second, a player that’s contributing a fact will remember that fact quite well, and will generally feel more engaged with the scene at large.

“Higher settings” allow for more influential decelerations, such as “there’s someone looking at us suspiciously from beyond the corner”, or even “we can hear bickering from inside a warehouse, it sounds like Contessa!” All depends on the style of play of your group, and the system you’re using; in Savage Worlds, for example, I only allow obviously-beneficial facts at the cost of a Benny.

I gave some more suggestions regarding this technique, here.


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