Greetings, dear readers! It is time for our tale to recommence.

Where were we? Ah, yes. Fjordstad. The land of cold and schemes.

What has changed? Well, there’s a new edition of Savage Worlds, so our players spend a session in updating their sheets. The Crystal rules are now finalised (since we have a book now and all), so we’ll see some changes there as well.

Patreon supporters, note that we will activate the monthly charging starting with August, so the next few weeks are free. Well, they’re free anyway, since the webcomic is not dependant on our Patreon funds; well, it actually kinda is, but only in a roundabout way, I mean, we don’t ask people to pay, they can just do so if they think its deserved, but we do indeed use the monies to maintain the website and our convention appearances, so there you go. Everything’s clear now.

See you again next week, and then every Monday after that, for the next Crystal Heart chapter! Starting with the prologue.¬†After three mostly-independent adventures, it’s time to put this narrative into high gear.