Once per adventure, or once per two months or so, you should make a deliberate effort to re-coordinate, to force issues to the surface. Keep everyone on the same page, remanage expectations. They’re a fickle thing, expectations – always require more managing.

You might recall that Guy wasn’t even sure what Mac looks like, when the campaign started. He was on board with the game’s concept, for sure, but unlike Rotem – who had an exact story arc in mind – or Lily – who usually simply plays an exaggerated form of herself – he didn’t really know who he wanted to play as. After a couple of adventures, Mac is clearer in his mind, so now he’d like to start thinking about his past and future, and how to make a person into a story.


Have you heard? In two weeks’ time, we’ll be signing, chatting, sketching and playing in Leisure Game – for the launch of our second issue! Come! Coooooome.

In the coming days you’ll also be able to find us at the London MCM Comic Con (we have a comic), and at the UK Games Expo (we play games), more details available here.