The best stories, I think, are created when two themes clash.

On the one side you have Bogovia, a land of sorrow and tragedy, of simple folk living simple traditional lives. On the other side you have Fjordstad, a land of progress and intrigue, where everyone has ulterior motives, and is willing to use the l latest experimental technology to further their goals. What do you get in the middle?

As we continue north, things get more complex. And weird.


In celebration of our #2 issue now being in print, we’re doing a signing/meeting-you-guys event at Leisure Games, London, this Sunday. Come one, come all!

On Eran’s RPG podcast, today’s new episode is about inspiration – how to engage it without “waiting for the muse”, and how to develop raw ideas, turning them into game-able bits, using techniques¬†inspired by improv, mechanical-bound randomisation, and others.