The famed “wolf Crystal” is finally seeing some action. Rotem had her eyes on it for quite some time!

Setting a Crystal, or “socketing”, requires you to remove the previous Crystal and insert the new one. In many cases, the socketing is done under controlled conditions, with an Agent who already has a Crystal socketed and is just looking to switch it with a different Crystal. There’s usually no need for a check.

When under stress, in the field, or using sub-par equipment, make a Healing check and consult the results.

  • Success in the check means the character managed to insert a Crystal into the harness and close the cover. The Agent immediately gains the Basic ability of the Crystal, as well as its Disposition. If Shaken or unconscious, they also get an immediate Vigor check to become un-Shaken or return to consciousness. After 1 round the Agent also recovers any Fatigue gained from suffocating for being without a heart, if any.
  • Succeeding with a raise causes a burst of energy that allows the character to ignore all Fatigue and wound penalties on their next action card.
  • Failing the check means the character can’t safely switch the Crystals and must try again with another action.
  • Botching the roll leaves the Agent mid-process, with no Crystal inside the Harness. They begin suffocating, as if suffering from a de-sync.

Trying to socket yourself is a bad idea, with a -4 on the check (You do realize you’re trying to unhook your own heart from your body and replace it with another, right?)

Next week we’ll talk a bit about Syn facilities!



The Eurovision is this weekend; happy holiday to all who celebrate!

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Today’s podcast episode is for busy players and game masters: how to make time, and what to do if all you have is a weekly hour (at best). Just because you can only play a little, doesn’t mean the game must be sub-par!