Contessa doesn’t like feeling threatened. She needs to always feel like she’s the superior one, and shaming your opponent in some childish way is just the ticket!

The Crystal Muna kept hidden is the same one we saw here, the first Crystal our Hunters managed to capture. They haven’t tested it yet, so they’re not sure what it does – and while a socketed Crystal is, generally, safe, you really should be aware of any possible side effects before you use it.

Maybe it turns you into a wolf. Okay, but do you get to keep your intelligence, or do you go feral like what happened to poor Hans?

On the other hand, maybe the whole wolf thing was the result of the mechanism they used to milk the Crystal, and the Crystal itself does something else completely, like, I donno, shoot fire or something. That’s great, but maybe it only allows you to throw fireballs the size of a large pony. Not super-useful in delicate situations, or closed room.

One should really get to know their Crystal before they start using it.

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