Let’s talk about Syn facilities.

Syn maintains around 2-3 Syn facilities in each Land, mostly in the main cities, with some small way stations in remote areas. The main headquarters of Syn is its famed flying castle, which is always on the move. The facilities support Syn personnel, either Crystal Hunters (like our heroes here) or Specialist Agents “on loan” to local powers.

Main facilities offer two of the following services. Way stations offer only one. Choose or roll randomly:

  1. Formal meeting rooms: Agents meeting with non-Syn personal in these rooms receive +2 on social interaction rolls.
  2. Local library: Several well-stocked shelves of books regarding the local Land, providing +2 to Investigation rolls.
  3. Crystal examination chamber: Grants +2 to Knowledge (Crystal) rolls to discover the abilities of Crystals. There are separate rules for that, which our players decided not to use, instead going for the “hands-on” approach.
  4. Workshop and garage: Grants +2 on Repair rolls to create or repair devices, as well as vehicles.
  5. Clinic: The medical centre adds +2 to all Healing rolls and Vigor rolls for Natural Healing.
  6. Training room: Agents using this room can spend an Advance to buy a new skill, starting at d6 instead of d4. This requires at least a week of training

All Syn facilities also have their own unique quirks. The first time the Agents visit a main facility or way station, roll on the following table:

  1. Slow: This facility is understaffed, suffers from a corporate culture of bad work ethic, or is very new or very old. The staff is barely helpful.
  2. State of the art: One of the services offered in this facility is among the best Syn can provide, increasing the bonus to +4. Roll randomly or choose. In case of a training room, it gains a new ability: An Agent using an Advance to increase a skill can consider the linked Attribute higher by 1.
  3. Reputation: The facility is known for some reason (roll or choose): 1. an important, positively-received Syn event happened here; 2. an important, negatively-received Syn event happened here; 3. an important local event happened here, the facility got involved; 4. a huge scandal happened here, the facility was to blame.
  4. Secretive: This facility is a “black ops site”, either as part of close relations with a local political power or government, or unknown to them.
  5. Multi-purpose: This facility also serves as a different kind of thing altogether, such as a mercenary outfit, a fort, or maybe a bakery.
  6. Weird: The facility is built or staffed in an unusual way: underwater, filled with robots, etc.