The world of Crystal Heart is made up of 5 Lands, and Bogovia is the dampest.

Bogovia is the sort of place where simple farm folks huddle in small settlements, behind strong walls, cowering in fear as night comes down… So it seems like a wonderful location for the Agents’ first mission. After all, they’re a group of international agents who consider themselves above average, even powerful – Bogovia will put them in their place. Sending new groups of Agents on their first mission to Bogovia is a standard Syn practice.

More importantly, it’s a declaration of intentions by the Game Master for the players – We’re starting with what might seem like a classic RPG mission, a town put in danger by a monstrous enemy, but this is not your average fantasy land. Bogovia is about horror, and desperation, and feral things. But more on that, next time.

For some continued discussion on the making of this strip, check out our subreddit.

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