Hello and welcome to the newest part of the story! There are three big things to talk about here.

Adventure Deck

We love the Savage Worlds adventure deck. Once I bought it, we’ve played every session of 50 Fathoms with it, and it was always a blast. For this reason, we created a custom set of cards – both in art and in game mechanics – for Crystal Heart, available through DriveThruRPG both as a PDF and in print. We only ask that you don’t ask how come Nadav has this set of card, and how come some of the cards – deliberately chosen not to appear on this page – have art depicting the Crashing Eagels. We don’t know. It just IS.

Weekly Question

I’ve been talking about this great RP device for ages, since I just love it to bits. So we’ve decided that Rotem really loves it to bits as well, because the next page, as you’ll see, is told from Muna’s perspective, and for that to make sense we wanted to have a reason for Rotem to tell things as if in a journal, so we decided that she liked that time when she got to write a journal and wanted a reason to do it again so she suggested doing a weekly question, and thenĀ Aviv said “how about we actually do that, actually?” so now we invite our patrons to ask a weekly question and we’ll reply to it as one or more of the players, on the following week’s comic post.

Don’t look at me, that’s just how the creative process work.

Dirty Character Sheet

That’s literally how my wife’s sheets always look, after, like, 3 sessions.

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