For the foreseeable future, we give our patrons the opportunity to present our players with a weekly question, building on Rotem’s recent desire to start using this tool.

Last week, Just James asked the players: Which crystal is their favourite, based on how it affects their personality?

Rotem: The first Crystal, Good Fellow, was cool because it was easy. “Being distracted” is a fun disposition to have, with a clear mechanical effect (-2 to Notice). But after the first adventure, I was looking for something more, some sort of an RP challenge. And with more complex mechanics! I wanted to try to push further. I got both things from the red Crystal, for sure, but the new one I chose takes the challenge even a step further, so it’s the one I’m most excited about.

Guy: My favourite thing is not having my personality affected, which is why I use a Crystal that makes me stubborn, which I already am. I mean Mac, but you know what I mean. Even if I’m going to change it someday (unlikely), I’m definitely going to choose something that is already very much me. I mean, Mac.

Lily: I like Crystals that either work well with my natural inclinations, or work directly against them. So that last one, that made me stoic or something, that was good, because it gave me a good excuse not to run around and destroy everything for everyone, so I was forced to act against my usual shtick. Which was fun. My first one was supposed to make me nice? I just skipped that entirely, and I think Nadav later changed that disposition anyway. I have no idea what to make from this new one, which makes it “instinctively obvious to you that you’re in charge in any situation you’re in”, since it feels completely out of character, but I’m willing to give it a try.

I was also asked by Sean Patrick Fannon (‘Big Irish’) on our Discord: “Will Muna be allowed to act on the knowledge she gained right at the end of the adventure (the strange, vampire-looking man, Duritta taking her crystal), or is Rotem supposed to act like Muna was too far out of it to really remember?” I gave a thorough reply in the Discord, and would like to use this opportunity to invite everyone to ask whatever’s on their mind, either in the comments here on in the Discord.

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