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News – Everything is Kickstarting

City of Mist is kickstarting Nights of Payne Town, a campaign that includes a brand new story-arc book, as well as an expansion, revised Player Guide and MC Toolkit, and lots more. Everything looks beautiful, as we’ve come to expect from City of Mist, and today, 30 July at 10:30pm BST, the creator Amit Moshe will do a live AMA, so check it out!

Monte Cook Games are kickstarting Your Best Game Ever, a resource book full of tips, ideas, and pointers for players and GMs alike. To quote that header image: “If you play or run roleplaying games, this book is for you”. It’s currently working towards a stretch goal that will enhance the book with more content and art, including comics from gamer cartoonists, one of whom is a-me! Aviv from Up to Four Players! With some top-notch contributors, it really sounds like a great addition to every roleplayer’s bookshelf, so go have a look.