I swear, by this point I create new NPCs just to see Aviv’s take on having Nadav playing them.

There’s something going on in this page that will soon require some discussion: An NPC is “having an idea”. Usually, we only allow PCs to have an idea, because the players are, well, they’re the players; but I would like to argue that there are times when having an NPC give useful, plot-directing suggestions are very useful to the game. More on that soon.

The Crystal Heart Starter Set – Now up to six players!

By popular demand, we added two new player characters to the Starter Set, so if you downloaded it before, you can now re-download to get the new guys – just use the same link in the email we sent you. (Also, if you had problems downloading before, it should be fixed now). You can also download the sheets from our new Discord server.

Discord Crystal Heart server

We figured, now that we have a roleplaying game, we should have a place where people can ask questions and/or get ideas and advice. Welcome to our Discord server!

MCM London Comic Con

We’ll be there with chapters #1 and #2 in print, dice trays, all Ready to Roll on handy thick paper, etc. – come and say hello! We’d love to chat. See you in three weeks.