The Valet has a certain way with words.

I should note that neither Mac, nor Heuberger, have any points in the Persuasion skill, at all.


In this week’s episode of On the Shoulders of Dwarves Uri and I discusses an email we got from Lloyd (who played a big role in convincing Aviv and me to go with Savage Worlds for Crystal Heart, a year ago!), about the topic of player motivations. How to make them care about the game? It’s a huge topic, so consider this episode an introduction.

The new Jane Austen RPG (!) Good Society is hosting a competition in which one such as yourself, dear reader, might be drawn in regency style, by the game’s artist, Aviv Or, no less. What an amiable proposition!

Our first Crystal Ball poll ended with the topic of Sails winning over Singing and Beasts of Burden. Let’s see what happens now! Probably something relating to sails.
We also addressed the recent change in Patreon fees. Apparently the people behind Patreon are now reconsidering their decision, seeing as how twitter has been exploding in frustration these past few days. Let’s hope for the best.

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