The aftermath of any lengthy revelation inevitably leads to lengthy discussions: What does it mean? How can that be? How does everything fit together with what we already knew?

This is usually the point in which the players reach some wrong conclusions, but they are their conclusions damnit, and that’s why we’re playing, so go ahead and charge into the wrong place for all the wrong reasons! It’ll be a blast.

For the Crystal-curious, I’ve already expanded on the rules presented in the comics, here.


Yesterday, the end of the December, we released our first Crystal Ball article! (it’s a new initiative we’re doing with our patrons, to write monthly RPG content for Crystal Heart and the like). We’ve decided to publish this one as a public post, to give everyone a taste of what the rest is going to be like, should anyone like to become a patron and keep getting these.

This month our patrons chose “Sails” as the Crystal Ball topic. That led us to a whole new revelation about Maseian society, and their floating mountains. Patrons, you can choose next month’s heart’s content right here.

Other news!

For the new year, Aviv drew not one but two full-colour art pieces:

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Share on Twitter, Facebook

On the left you see all the wonderful women from Aviv’s fav TV shows from the past year (full explanation here); on the right you see Prof. Elsa Mach, one of Aviv’s more memorable PCs (from the Purple Orange campaign I ran a few years back, with Uri as well), wishing you a lovely 2018!

Speaking of Uri, On On the Shoulders of Dwarves, our RPG podcast, we discuss NPCs we love to hate – what’s the point of them, and how to portray them in a way that’s both annoying and entertaining. There’s also a discount code for Venture Forth, my new storytelling game, in the show notes, if you’re interested.

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