The day has come. And that day is tomorrow.

Behold! The mockup for our book, with Aviv’s brand new cover, showing off our five brand new Agents, fighting a very old monster. Also Raf; hey Raf!

We have two things to ask of you, readers. First, please share our Kickstarter announcement when it’s up (we’re aiming for 12:00 GMT Tuesday). A big sharing blast is a powerful way to spread the word.

Second, if you know of any podcasts, streamers or other people with a public presence, we’d love if you’ll introduce us to them or vice versa. We’ve already engaged with, and been on, a surprising amount of podcasts – you’ll see in the coming weeks – but we’re always looking for more exposure and for more angles to cover. For example, we’d love to chat with someone from the webcomic sphere, or maybe there’s an “Israelis Abroad” podcast somewhere that we don’t know about and maybe they’ll be interested in talking to us.

Thanks, everyone! And we’ll see you tomorrow.